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Join the fastest growing guild on Lionheart. Blood Coven is seeking all who would like to join us. In Blood Coven you are judged by your character , behavior and your activity not your level. The blood of 1000 kittens runs through our guild Join us and experience the... difference
Guild News    

Guild goes Live saturday

armegon85, May 24, 11 7:15 PM.
Blood Coven will be going live saturday as all work on the site completes and promotions and organization sets in.
Members who have not passed their probationary periods will be removed saturday. All members who joined previous to saturday will have 9 days from then to register on the website before being purged from the guild due to chronic inactivity.

Sincerely ,


First guild placed under Blood Coven sanction section

armegon85, May 24, 11 7:00 PM.
The guild OUTLAWS was placed today under Blood coven sanction for unprovoked actions against a guild member. Though sanctions are expected at first to be trivial , as our guild grows and levels , being that at any given point a given level range running instances has a select pool to draw from ,  they should cause some consternation among guilds targeted.

Members are expected to review and observe the guilds sanction page located under the general discussion tab.

Guild has reached the 60th member mark

armegon85, May 23, 11 12:16 AM.
Our guild has reached its 60th member earlier today. We also recruited so many new members due to high interest in our guild that the game actually gave me a message telling me that I could only recruit new members tomorrow , lol

The best part is many of the new recruits are actually decent and I believe that they will make a good addition to the guild.

Work continues on our webpage and is estimated to complete before saturday may 22nd when the guild throws off its noob hat and officially goes live with a ventrilo server , website and energized player base.

Guild has reached the 40th member mark

armegon85, May 21, 11 7:51 PM.
The guild now has over 40 members , which is an important milestone to be sure.

Though this number is actually higher as 13 members have been removed over the course of last week.

Keep up the good work Blood coven and together we will become one of the premiere guilds on lionheart.


armegon85, May 20, 11 5:53 PM.
Work started today on the guild website for Blood Coven , construction is likely to continue throughout the week.

This site aims to include a place for ,

Guild News
Guild Events
Forums for members
A roster system with medals
A  page for each corps to customize and brag
Custom Icons for each corps

and more!

Stay tuned for more developments.

Sincerely ,

Welcome to Blood Coven    


Welcome to the Blood Coven homepage

We are a Forsaken World Guild. Level 2 . This game is rated M for Mature


    Welcome to our homepage. If you are looking to apply , the panel at the top can help you with an application. If you fill out an application you will be contacted in game. If you are looking for information about our guild then I suggest looking over the information panel on your left. Blood Coven is a well organized guild which offers options for both the casual and hardcore player. Our atmosphere is unique and we have a zero tolerance for bullshit and drama queens. You will find our guild pleasant if your looking for a decent guild that is not uptight , whiny or petty.

To our current members , I encourage you to use our forums and this website to its fullest potential. I also encourage you to look over all important guild documents , especially the members handbook. Most of these can be found in our library section.

If there are any other questions or concerns you may contact me at amathiusm@yahoo.com , ingame via pm , or via an officer.

Sincerely ,

Music Video for the week ,  From a time when music was still decent ....

Quotes from members    
"...such are allowed to create Right to Rule clauses within their operational declaration. Right to rule clauses may establish rules such as "All members must give ALL of their earned treasure to the corps officer" , though such a rule is unwise and a corps with it would likely never be joined, instituting oversight by Armegon.."

- - Armegon , BCCO: Operating Protocol & Information
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